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What the Press is Saying about Global Concertos

“Under the direction of Joshua Kohl, B’shnorkestra provides both compositional brilliance, and improvisational latitude… notions of freedom and spiritual unity are beautifully expressed by Boshnack’s modal transitions providing a musical landscape not “fragmented” by cultural bias.” – Paul Rauch/All of About Jazz. Read More

“A sense of boundless – and borderless – creative improvisation infuses Boshnack’s cinematic compositions; her musical feat cannot be overlooked or overplayed.” – Halynn Blanchard/Earshot Jazz – Read More

“What you will find and hear in these five extended original compositions (from live performances, by the way) is a well-formed and well-thought out set of modern “chamber music”… but, it’s not boring, or plodding, or any of those terms that are often associated with the genre…. It was the wonderfully upbeat “Concerto for Talking Drum” that got my vote for personal favorite… you will hear Gypsy caravans, Hollywood horns and some of the most energetic up-front percussion that’s ever been recorded. I give Samantha and her “B’shnorkestra” a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99.” – Dick Metcalf/Improvijazzation – Read More


B’shnorkestra closes out the year as No.40 on CMJ Top Jazz 2013

B’shnorkestra Moves Up to #7 on CMJ Top 40 Jazz Chart

B’shnorkestra Debuts at #1 on the CMJ Top Jazz Adds Chart Their First Week in Promotions


equally reminiscent of Charles Mingus and Ennio Morricone, swinging spaghetti western gypsy junkyard jazz wrapped in Boshnack’s grand, sophisticated compositions.” (City Arts Magazine)

“While her program certainly is art jazz, it’s the kind of stuff that has a beginning, middle and end and a stylish set of moves that keep things moving….This is a lovely, creative date that never falls into the trap of creative of the sake of it. Well done.” (Midwest Record) > read full review

a gorgeous quilt of expression….Go to Orange effortlessly switches pulses from celebratory to contemplative to raw….The listener is thrown from the chair of beautiful, patient harmonies into the pit of rockin’ drums, chaotic strings, and stank sax, all the while keeping the arrangements in vibrant color.” (Earshot Jazz) > read full review

“Strings and percussions come together to create soaring melodies with sprigs of improvisation and undulating swells on the band’s latest offering Go to Orange from Present Sounds Recordings. B’shnorkestra gels several musical styles into a melodic juxtaposition….original ideas motivated from the individual members melded into a sonic blend that crisscrosses complementary sounds and components which build into an impressive debut effort.” (Yahoo! Voices) > read full review

“like the group’s name, one cannot really categorize Ms. Boshnack’s music….exciting, melodic, at times quite fascinating and great fun  The string section is fully engaged throughout (they are not there strictly for color) and the numerous solos are quite strong.  Don’t ignore this recording…” (Step Tempest) > read full review

“Samantha Boshnack is talented beyond mere mortals…This is music to get schnockered to, as it’s halfway between cloudy dream tunes from purgatorial angels and then backwoods vagrant innerleckshools trying to rip a doorway in the fabric of reality and trot on back to elder pre-industrial days to frolic with grandma and grandpa when they were kicking up their heels on moonshine and spirited good fellowship.” (FAME) > read full review

“The execution is masterful – every piece and every part is exquisitely rendered – and the project combines ambition with playfulness ….  on the whole the album is as rewarding as it is risk-taking.” 4 out of 5 stars (Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews)  >read full review

“We are seldom without innovative and creative music here at my ‘zine… and this CD of “new music for strings, horns & drums” goes way beyond the pale in proving that… jI give these folks a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, though you “M.O.R.” listeners are cautioned that this is not a CD for the timid…. “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.99. ” (Improvijazzation Nation) >read full review

“Truly a musical grab bag. The 14-member ensemble puts an orchestral twist on rock (“Go to Orange”), salsa (“La Noche Negra”), and free-form jazz (“Skarkiselk”)—and that’s just the beginning. The rest of this debut album is just as diverse, mirroring the arranger/instructor/trumpeter’s wide range of compositional talent.” (Seattle Weekly)>read full review

“It’s a rather eclectic endeavor that is creative, unique and intriguing.” (O’s Place Jazz Magazine)
> read full review

“Fantastic!!! I know you are wondering who or what I am speaking of? But if you listen to Go To Orange the remarkable new CD recorded by B’shnorkestra featuring the masterpieces of the extraordinary trumpeter/composer Samantha Boshnack – then the comment is self-explanatory. They are the crème de la crème. Samantha Boshnack is an amazing talent. This attribute shows in her compositions and performances. Therefore B’shnorkestra is bound to be entertaining. But it is more than that as it surpassed any perceived expectation – ultimately amazing…. B’shnorkestra has delivered some stuff Grammys are of. They have an unconventional style that fans can’t get enough of.” (Birmingham Times) >read full review

“Go to Orange  introduces us to B’Shnorkestra and the music of Samantha Boshnack, an ambitious proponent of big band/orchestral jazz that has free, avant, ethnic, sometimes Indonesian flavored minimalist aspects, sometimes Latin and/or rock-beat overtones and a sound that has NEW written all over it in large letters. The orchestra has a seven-person string section well used, plus three horns (including Ms. Boshnack on trumpet), two drummers and several guest artists (conga, violin and gender/rebab).  This is music that has drive and lays out well. The line interplay between horns and strings is something to hear. Altogether this is a different sort of music, clearly in the jazz camp but pan-ethnic too and sometimes startling in its juxtapositions.  It makes excellent use of strings and horns in a modern new jazz context. I would say it presents some of the most interesting combinations I’ve heard so far this decade!” (Gapplegate Music Review)>read full review

“The brainchild of Seattle composer Sam Boshnack – Hard to put a label on but definitely creative.” (Cadence Magazine)


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Boshnack can scream or play it sweet.  (All About Jazz New York)

These first three tracks make full use of the sextet’s collective character, though do stand out stylistically as Boshnack’s – patient horn interplay supported by heavy bass grooves, some with structural rhythmic phrasings that lend a larger dimension than a sum of parts. (Earshot Jazz)

Boshnack is in possession of an acerbic wit and an encyclopedic knowledge of all sorts of music from bargain-bin to top shelf.  (The New York City Jazz Record)

Samantha Boshnack’s open voicings, jaunty tempos and buoyant timbral mixes have a friendly monster feel that achieves a bittersweet and elegiac mood of orchestral grandeur.  (Downbeat)

Boshnack’s tight, buoyant writing for this pianoless chamber sextet’s four wind instruments (two brass, two reeds) is a highlight, recalling West Coast arrangers like Rogers. (Seattle Times)

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